"The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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From “Save the Whales” to “Save the Bees”

In my lifetime, as I’ve become aware of the bigger world around me with each passing year, I’ve come across causes where a group of passionate people unite with the intention of making a difference to what they see as a problem.

As a young child it was Save the Whales and now as an adult, it’s Save the Bees. The 1970s Save the Whales was the yellow on the traffic light. The current day Save the Bees is the red.

And there have so many other causes in between and overlapping. Save the trees, wolves, water, climate, seeds, seals, dolphins, birds … And they all tie back to one thing … Save the Planet!

I came across an article this morning about whaling in Iceland and how it needs to stop. In the comments there were many opinions expressed that said, …”stop picking on Iceland, Japan is the real bad guy. ” and “Whales?! Pah! What about bigger issues such as crime, poverty, economics?”

I think what most are unwilling or not able to see is that all of these causes are symptoms of a debilitating and terminal global disease. In my 50 short years here I’ve watched us go from Save the Whales, the largest creatures on earth, to Save the Bees, one of natures smallest.

Look at what this is saying about the bigger picture. These causes are not about giving people a new group of wrong-doers to hate and pick on. They are pointing out the symptoms of the disease. One is the sniffle, one is the cough, one is the fever, the infection, the abscess, the cancer … That something we ALL share together! Our planet, Mother Earth is sick and is being raped on her death bed.

And here we are, people. Distracted by media, gadgets, stress, consumerism, drama, illness we are being kept too busy living in fear to feel like we have time or energy to devote to a “new” cause. And while the cat is away, the mice will play … and the playground is turning into a mine field.

Leonardo DaVinci, one of the most respected men in history said, “Realize everything is connected to everything else.” Think about that for a moment … Go ahead, I’ll wait …



What that means to me is that saving the whales is no different from saving the bees, wolves, water, trees, birds … we are required to save it ALL for our very survival. It all starts with us, each individually becoming aware that these issues and causes and symptoms are connected to a global disease.

All it will take to start producing medicine to heal the global disease is is each one of us making small changes in the way we go through the world on a daily basis. Really connect to and look at our own lives, beliefs and ways of doing things and making changes as we come across things that do not accurately reflect who we are and what we wish to be contributing to the world.

We may be conditioned to think that as an individual be have no power, but that could not be more untrue. Our individual daily choices drive everything that comes after them. If, one by one, we refuse to purchase pesticide laden strawberries and opt for organic instead, before too long the commercial strawberry farms are going to have to adapt to what we want, or die.

One choice by one choice we have the power to make a real difference, for ourselves, our neighbors and our planet.

You in?

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