"The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn." -Ralph Waldo Emerson


SEEDS from HOME is an acronym for Sustainable, Educated, Energetic, Daily Supplements that assist me to peacefully thrive in Harmony and Oneness with Mother Earth. It holds the space for an ever-growing toolbox of life skills and practices that nurture and support my intention of blossoming into the best me that I can be.

I’ve shared the story of my surrender to death in the book BraveHeart Women: How to be Inspiration in Action (Volume 1). I was simply going through the motions of life and waiting to die. SEEDS from HOME holds the space for the unfolding of my surrender to life and what it means to awaken and blossom into who I was born to be.

The concept of seeing myself as a flower in a garden came to me after emerging from a long and deep sleep. Awakening from my ‘long dark night of the soul’ felt to me like the popping open of a seed, a pushing toward the light and emerging through the surface of the soil to see and feel the sunlight on my face, almost as if for the very first time. I felt as though I had been reborn, but not into someone else or someone different, yet into a deeper truth of the essence of me.

Curiosity about this awakening exposed me to various concepts and ideas that led me to begin to understand that the thoughts that I think are directly related to the life that I live. I began to see myself as a garden and my thoughts and beliefs as seeds. I began to question the seeds that were growing in my garden; planted both by myself and by others.

What seeds have I allowed to grow? Have I inadvertently nurtured seeds whose fruit does not nurture me? Am I giving water and nourishment to seeds and plants that are in effect, poison when I consume the fruit? How can I identify and nurture the seeds that are the best for me?

I am finding that the answers to many of these questions are revealed through the actions of forest stewardship and gardening for food, medicine and bees.  The time that I invest in tending a real garden and acting in stewardship to a real forest have returned to me real time affirmations of how everything is connected and how thoughts DO become things. No one is dragging me out to the garden and forcing me to pull weeds, I am inspired to be there … called to be there. These affirmations from my nature experiences are living examples of how BEing Inspiration in Action can support, feed and nurture the space of HOME within me.

What are the SEEDS that feed my space of HOME? They are varied and diverse and can be found in simple things such as a the scent of honeysuckle on an evening breeze, sharing laughter with family and friends, sitting under the umbrella of an ancient oak tree, cooking and sharing delicious food, allowing an Oxytocin breath, the feeling of fresh cut grass under my bare feet, connecting with people who inspire me to learn and grow, playing “Go find it!” with my dog, being creative with art, photography or writing, talking to the flowers, plants and trees, dancing in the kitchen, exploring the world of medicinal herbs, reading an empowering book, walking in the woods … anything that assists me to feel joy or happiness or courage or peace or trust or hope or humility or love or gratitude for the gift of this amazing life.

What SEEDS feed the space of HOME within you?

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