"The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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The Joy of Creating

10354-fallen-tree-02Here’s an example of what SEEDS from HOME means to me. I’m an artist. It’s not something I choose to be, it’s something I just am. What that means for me is that I’m in a state of perpetual inspiration. There’s a muse constantly dancing through my awareness painting pictures of possibility and “what if’s”. Bringing the pictures from within me to a place outside of me where they can be shared with others takes many artistic forms. One of them is through 3D art.

It was my honor and pleasure to collaborate with very gifted and talented artists to create this beautiful 3D woodland scene. While the creation process was not easy and required me to learn new things, it was done with ease and with the in-JOY-ment of creating.

When I allow myself to be at peace with who I am, to release the judgement of myself and others of what I “should” be doing, and dwell in that place of HOME within me, it’s like adding soil, water and sunshine to the SEEDs that my muse has been scattering within me. The ideas begin to germinate, take shape and grow. The more I relax into the space of HOME and enjoy the process of creating, the more they grow.

The process reminds me of a quote I read somewhere … Something like, “If your soul were a garden and your thoughts were the seeds, would you grow flowers or would you grow weeds?” There certainly were weeds that cropped up here and there that threatened to take over my garden, but once I identified them as weeds I was able to pluck them right out and send them to the compost pile … all part of the Joy of Creating.

Creating “something from nothing” isn’t only about artistic mediums. Creating happens in everything we do from our roles, to our jobs, to our passions, thoughts and dreams. What are YOUR seeds of possibility? What would the Joy of Creating be like for you?


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